понедельник, 11 января 2010 г.


I don't make up. But sometimes I just can't live without it. My favourite brends are-Chanel and MAC. I'm crazy about the new collection of MAC! This style is so cool and nice, I think that MAC is the best brend for everyone! Even for people who don't like to make up.

4 комментария:

  1. Never tried MAC before and really wanna. Can you advise smth?

  2. They have very good pomades and eyeliner)
    Everything there is very good)

  3. and i never tried MAC before too but i wanna try some pomades colours.
    lovely blog i love your header pic! sorry for my english

  4. wowow adore MAC adoreadorrre. and this collection looks pretty..i'd say tasty :) good as a present.

    and thousand of thanx to you for congrats. mum will be pleased!