воскресенье, 31 января 2010 г.

"More than anything, I love clothes. I love clothes. This is my most favorite thing in the whole
world." (Kate Moss)

пятница, 29 января 2010 г.

Grunge,grunge,rock,rock,Lara Stone by Philip Riches
When I see Lara Stone I stop and think..."Hmm, she has something so fantastic and simple and crazy in her face and she isn't "One of these thin models",she is Lara,and she is other."
ohhhh how cool clothes,ohhhh I want everything!

четверг, 28 января 2010 г.

the sun and the moon

Today I found photos from Paris Fashion Week
I like two collections, Armani Prive and Valentino
Valentino recalled me about Spring or Summer days,most of all I love bright colours and different prints
Armani Prive, I like some dresses and accessorieses and feeling of the moon,that's unusual,there's something romantic and fantastic
What do you think about both these collections?

Armani Prive


среда, 27 января 2010 г.

I'm sure not only I'm waiting for summer,right? Tender wind, pleasant sun, so what can be better?
As for me,nothing. I think that summer clothes should be easy and nice. It's summer,summer is a nice season,when we want to have more and more fun,I adore to have fun)
This photo shoot about real summer, as it is.

суббота, 23 января 2010 г.

Something about her style

Kate Moss is one of the most stylish models ever, I'm sure in it. The most important thing in her style-it's casual and simple,but very very stylish and interesting. She can wear simple jeans or trousers, but with cool and amazing high heels, super-cool scarf or bag. She wears a little bit simple, but good clothes with amazing accessories and always looks well.
Here are some photos, made in January


среда, 20 января 2010 г.

wishes about fashion

It's a list of my wishes about fashion,recently I decided to return my previous style:
1.It's pretty cute dress, so easy and nice,that's why I love it.

2.Originaly,this is it

3. I feel very comfortable in clothes,which are a little bit big on me,especially sweaters and boyfriend's T-shirts
good accessories, amazing shoes and this sweater will look very cool!