вторник, 27 апреля 2010 г.

beautiful / charming / gorgeous

I adore old photoshoots and don't know why I like it, I guess it's about my love to everything old and unknown

Claudia Schiffer, photographer Steven Meisel (1993)

суббота, 24 апреля 2010 г.

Girls of summer

Coachella 2010
Perfect dress for summer which I'm trying to find, Zooey looks so cute and natural in it, she's a real girl of SUMMER
Zooey Deschanel

Simply stylish girls-that's what I really love at Coachella!

четверг, 22 апреля 2010 г.

One of my favourite photographers Zoey Grossman makes wonderful photos with amazing design and style. Her new photos are simply perfect and as I always think-full of life, fun and colours.
Check out her website http://www.dripbook.com/zoeygrossman/splash/

воскресенье, 18 апреля 2010 г.

четверг, 15 апреля 2010 г.

Model:Natalia Vodianova
Peter Lindbergh
Vogue China (May 2010)

adore these dresses!!!
Natalia is such a beauty, really

понедельник, 12 апреля 2010 г.

Hey USA!

Magazine: Vogue UK May 2010
Title: Born in the USA
Model: Karlie Kloss
Photographer: Alasdair McLellan